The Fair Trade Way Approach

We collaborate to increase capacity and performance in business, communities and individuals. We provide them with the skills and knowledge to make a difference for marginalised people.  Our main focus is on achieving rewarding outcomes for everyone.  We aim for a balance of work, family and friends, and rewards that nurture our health, in body and mind.

We work in partnership with you, share our experience and knowledge, and also learn from you.  Together we build on what is already there and explore options.  When we do this, we create the catalyst environment that makes ideas a reality.

Our collaborations and projects impact Fair Trade both direct and indirect. Direct is where we work with fair and ethical traders. Indirect is where we stimulate early learning to nurture future potential in communities.  Our strength lies in identifying links and leveraging them. We achieve more when activation occurs across a community.

Fair Trade principles show clearly in our overall approach. Our goal is to create opportunity and build capacity. We are transparent in our work, keep our overheads low and environmental footprint small.