HOPE Project

HOPE Tanzania Australia is a registered Charity founded in 2009 by Carina Bekkers and Samuel Mwakasendo to support the disadvantaged children of Mwakaleli, in the southern mountainous region of Tanzania, with their schooling.  Run by a voluntary committee in Australia it raises funds through events and donations. The voluntary committee in Mwakaleli identifies the children and distributes the funds.  It still receives generous support from the community including ongoing Pro Bono auditing from Fortunity Accountants & Auditors.

HOPE Today

To stay current in support its current mission is to build capacity in the community through all levels of learning and training, including Adult and specialist areas like health. To achieve this effectively, selection now also includes ability, commitment and return for the Community.  The Fair Trade Way supports this mission in two ways

  • by creating opportunities for volunteers to connect and share knowledge with the community.  This involves creating a structured residency program that supports flexibility in individual delivery so it is open to people across disciplines, including health
  • by supporting Adult education of people who commit to stay in the Community so it benefits from their skills and knowledge

Visit the Hope Tanzania Australia website here

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