Make customers find you – list in a worldwide directory

When you are stuck on reaching customers and have a limited marketing budget – join the free Fair Trade Find worldwide directory

Why do we need a world wide fair and ethical trade directory?

  • So conscious consumers can make an informed decision
  • So they can buy fair and ethical where they are, anywhere in the world
  • So fair and ethical traders can raise awareness
  • So fair and ethical makers can achieve greater equity in trade
  • And because this is the only directory that connects fair and ethical sellers and buyers across the world

Fair Trade is a core mission

“Fair Trade Organisations have a clear commitment to Fair Trade as the principal core of their mission. They, backed by consumers, are engaged actively in supporting producers [and makers], awareness raising and in campaigning for changes in the rules and practice of conventional international trade.”

Globally recognised definition, as agreed by the main international Fair Trade networks (WFTO, Fairtrade International and European Fair Trade Association)

Barriers to connecting with customers

Fair and ethical social entrepreneurs are all over the world and have conscientious buyers as their target consumer market in common. The challenge is how to connect with them.  

For many, reaching customers outside their immediate environment is difficult.  Their market knowledge, ability to respond and tap into rapid developments is limited by technology, language or budget.

Accreditation and endorsement schemes help buyers to reach some, but the cost is too high for many small enterprises.

There are ways that social entrepreneurs in technology savvy countries can make a difference for their disadvantaged counterparts. Joining a fair trade directory and listing partner organisations is a strategic way to do so.

The benefit of a buyer engaging with disadvantaged counterparts reflects positively on us and will result in benefits to us as well.

Technology of a directory can level access to the market

Disruption aided by technology innovation provides market access where there was little before. Most disadvantaged countries skipped landline communication infrastructure completely.  Mobile networks and the number of smart phones is rising fast in these countries.  

Social media and the internet facilitate communication with buyers and much of it is free. Traders and makers benefit from a world-wide listing so buyers can find them.  The Fair Trade Find worldwide directory will be used by everyone around the world and opens the road direct to our disadvantaged counterparts.  A worthwhile initiative to support.  More FAQ on the new directory here

“The humbling lightbulb moment about social media came to me on assignment in Timor Leste.  Using a keyboard is already a rare skill.”

Me, April 2020
Make customers find you – list in a worldwide directory

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