Ayni - woman weaving blanket

An organization made up of 25 groups of artisans in La Paz, El Alto, Cochabamba and Oruro. The vast majority are indigenous migrants from rural to urban areas and indigenous people still living in their communities. More than 80% are mothers of the Aymara family.  Each group has a direct and personal relationship with the business area management and Ayni Bolivia by their leader (parent family), working under the system of Andean complementarity. Producer groups have different situations and ways to control and operate their workshops and groups in Ayni Bolivia. Includes groups with a a formal structure, micro-entrepreneurs with employees in their care, family groups and independent craftsmen

(+591) 2 2792395
Office: Calle 4 No. 52 – Los Pinos ,La Paz, Bolivia – Shop: Av. Illampu 704 (Hotel Rosario), La Paz, Bolivia
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