Botswana Craft

Botswana Craft - baskets

Established in 1970 and now grown to be Botswana’s largest retailer and exporter of handicrafts. It employs over forty citizens and indirectly creates work for numerous rural craft producers thoughout the country. In 1986, around 40 weavers united in Gumare to form a cooperative called Ngwao Boswa, which means “Let’s keep our cultural traditions going.” Botswanacraft provided handicraft advisors who helped the women improve their skills and taught them more environmentally benign methods of harvesting the raw materials used for weaving. Today, over 2,500 women in the area rely on basket-weaving, described by many as their best source of income

(+267) 392 2487
Plot 20716, Magochanyama Road, off Western Bypass, Block 3 Gaborone
Botswana Craft
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