Minzi Mims

Minzi Mims - Happy Mothers Day - multi media art from Tanzania

Thobias Minzi is a painter and videographer born in 1984 in Mwanza, Tanzania, with an artistic style that utilises fabric and thread to convey images and feelings. The tactile nature of fabric allows him to create semi-abstract pieces. His paintings depict women and children, the role they play in African daily life, and the challenges they face within developing countries. He has showcased his work in two solo exhibitions in Tanzania and Kenya and several group exhibitions around East Africa, the USA, Spain, Denmark, Finland and Norway. He also participated in workshops and residencies in Tanzania and Denmark. Minzi’s paintings are held in collections at Muhimbili National Hospital, The Prime Minster’s office, and The State House in Dar Es Salaam

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Nafasi Art Space, Eyasi Road
Mikocheni B, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
Minzi Mims
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