Moringa Tree - Mozambique

A commercial activity based upon the principles of shared value. The local population is an integrated part of the project and benefits through health improvement, employment, capacity building, education and economical growth. Moringa is a rapidly-growing and drought-resistant tree that is multi-functional and can be used for food, feed, fibre, oil, medicinal use, cosmetics and water purification. The paradox of this plant is that it has it’s natural habitat in those parts of the world identified as poor, underdeveloped and suffering from malnutrition. The moringa plant project contributes to achieving many Millenium Development Goals

 + 258 844784457
MoSagri Lda, Bairro Namalungo, Lumbo, Ilha de Mozambique, Nampula Province, Mozambique / Mosagri BV, Duivelsbruglaan 50, 4835JH Breda, The Netherlands
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