Yabal Handicrafts

Yabal - woven blanket

Yabal Home is an artisanal line of handwoven textile accessories. Works with the three Mayan communities of Pacutama and Nuevo Chuicutama, Chuacruz, and Momostenango. Fabrics are handcrafted using the Mayan backstrap loom by cooperatives of Guatemalan Mayan artisans. Featuring ecological plant dyes, natural cotton, recycled denim threads, recycled plastic bags, and natural sheeps wool. Yabal is a Fair Trade organization dedicated to the empowerment of rural women artisans and all profits fund social programs for our weavers

(+502) 41893615
12 Av.3-35 Zona 1, Cuesta San Nicolas, Quetzalenango, 09001, Guatemala
Yabal Handicrafts
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