Fair Trade Find FAQ

Why do we need a world wide fair trade directory
  1. So conscious consumers can make an informed decision
  2. So they can buy fair and ethical where they are, anywhere in the world
  3. So fair and ethical traders can raise awareness
  4. So fair and ethical makers can achieve greater equity in trade
  5. And because this is the only directory that connects fair and ethical sellers and buyers across the world
Why should I use the fair trade find directory as a buyer
  1. Connect direct with a fair trader anywhere – search worldwide
  2. Spend money where it makes a difference – in the community
  3. Take control over what you buy and where – avoid intermediaries
  4. Increase awareness – contribute and share your experiences
What are the listing criteria

Fair Trade Find is a directory for fair and ethical makers and traders that meet fair trade principles (see below). They are not required to be a WFTO or other certification organisation member as we know this is not achievable for many. Not because they cannot adhere to the principles but because the level of literacy, technology and finance is limited. 

So even mini and micro home-based makers and traders can list.   If they do not have the skill or access to list, someone who knows them can do it on their behalf.  This directory is a tool for their empowerment and a way forward to a fair and ethical trading world.

How do I know a listing is genuine

Our founder has been active in fair and ethical trade since 2004.  At first, the only way to verify a maker or trader was via phone or direct visits.  Today's improved global communication network reaches into remote areas, and with the contribution of many people, a common source of information is available if you search for it. 

  1. Every listing status is pending until verified
  2. We conduct an online search for information that supports the listing
  3. We expect that fair and ethical traders contribute honestly
  4. Users flagging listings and their comments are also used for updating
  5. Listings are reviewed regularly and upon renewal
What do I do when I know a listing is not genuine

Every listing has a Flag Listing button.  You can use this to advise us if the maker or trader is no longer at the listing location. You can also use this to advise us of any other observations or information about the listing.  We will then review the Flagged Listing. 

Who can add a listing

Anyone can add a listing. If you know the details of a fair and ethical maker or trader in your area or you visited them on travels, you can add them to the directory.

You can also suggest a listing when want to recommend a trader or maker but are not certain about their details. 

We review all added and suggested listings and do some more research before publishing them in the directory.  

Click on this link to create a listing.  You will be required to create an account to list. We keep your email on record to advise you of Fair Trade Find Directory activities and updates.  

Why should I list as a maker or trader

“Fair Trade Organisations have a clear commitment to Fair Trade as the principal core of their mission. They, backed by consumers, are engaged actively in supporting producers [and makers], awareness raising and in campaigning for changes in the rules and practice of conventional international trade.”

Globally recognised definition, as agreed by the main international Fair Trade networks (WFTO, Fairtrade International and European Fair Trade Association)
  1. SEO – listing includes a website link, the more clicks the higher ranking in searches
  2. Boost credibility – be part of large group in a reputable sector
  3. Increase visibility and awareness – searchers are ‘warm’ contacts
  4. Make connections – be part of a supportive community
  5. Social media support – directory marketing reaches audiences across platforms
  6. Affordable marketing – free to list at the moment with future promotional options as the directory develops

Submit listings here. We conduct research to verify data but submissions are accepted on trust so please provide genuine information. We reserve the right to accept or adjust information provided.

Why are you asking for a donation

This is a new self-funded initiative so funds are limited and cover the man-hours to add, review and manage the directory.  Funds received via the PayPal link go towards growing the impact of the directory with a focus on marketing and building the features of the database.  With development of the directory we can offer more benefit for contributors and users.  We will report regularly on progress and where donated funds were allocated. 

Are my details safe?

We use reCAPTCHA to verify you are not a robot. We also have a SSL certificate (see the keylock in the address bar) that encrypts internet traffic and verifies our server identify.  This way you can be sure that no one reads or changes your communication and that you are communicating with us via our hosted server

10 Principles of Fair Trade
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