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Equal Pay for Women - an issue in fair and ethical trade - image @Junkee

Where are fair and ethical makers?

The first challenge you face when planning to source from fair and ethical makers is to find them. Why are ...
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State of flow - concentration in activity - experience every aspect

Is my flow decision the right one?

I am very happy. I have a Distinction grade in one of my Business Analytics subjects.  It justifies my decision ...
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Informed decision making cycle

Informed Decision-Making

When the inevitable stands in front of us, what do you do? When your business is affected by developments outside ...
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Make customers find you – list in a worldwide directory

When you are stuck on reaching customers and have a limited marketing budget – join the free Fair Trade Find ...
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Covid-19 - Quote Martin-Luther-King-Jr- Relevant to the Corona VIrus Impact - We-may-have-all-come-on-different-ships-but-we are all in the same boat now . How to market to your customers

No sales? How to reach customers during Covid-19

In an economic downturn people stop buying certain things. The Covid-19 pandemic reduces discretionary spending and fair trade purchases are ...
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Cat resting with eyes half closed - image for Stuck in low activity phase at work - meditation exercise

Low activity at work? Some tips to refocus

This is day two at my new workplace and I am stuck in a low activity phase. People around me ...
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