Year: 2020

Working from home worries

We provide children with tools to deal with worries, as adults we sometimes just forget how to use them Working from home and Covid-19 I work from home and while Covid-19 did not drastically change my work routine, it did affect everything else. I can handle chaos for a little while but an ongoing imposed […]

Where are fair and ethical makers?

Where are fair and ethical makers? The first challenge you face when planning to source from fair and ethical makers is to find them. Why are they difficult to locate? Where should I look for them?  After many years of importing from Africa, I still face these challenges regularly.  The increased world-wide connectivity helps but […]

Is my flow decision the right one?

I am very happy. I have a Distinction grade in one of my Business Analytics subjects.  It justifies my decision to study again. Did I make this decision in a state of flow or was it a conscious process? Did I spend enough time thinking about it before committing? Why is knowing that important, and […]

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