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I time it right…..

I call it the Time It Right Effect – TIRE

Sometimes everything falls into place and at other times it just doesn’t. Every circumstance that involves you is unique and you need to function efficiently for mental and physical health. Nobody thrives on chaos for very long.

I have a holistic view on work, family and friends where I achieve most when these spheres overlap in synergy spots. Read my Business Insight article on this topic for the national retail association AGHA titled Making Holistic Business Decisions.

The spheres change, touch and intersect in new ways which in turn affects the synergy spots. It also means that sometimes the spheres are not in the correct alignment for things to happen.

“I want to achieve a more satisfying and rewarding balance in these three spheres. I think the key to achieve this is to collaborate at the right time leveraging my skills, knowledge and resources.”

Me, 2016

My spheres include SANAA AFRIKA, HOPE Tanzania Australia, My Projects I run as The Fair Trade Way and my blog with free advice for social entrepreneurs.

My credentials
HR Post Graduate with a business career in UK, China and Australia
University and College career as Campus Manager, Course Coordinator, Trainer and Assessor
Business Consultant to fair and ethical businesses
Proprietor of SANAA AFRIKA since 2003 – import, wholesale, retail
Founder HOPE Tanzania Australia – 2009 – health and education Charity
Chair NSW Fair Trade Network Group 2013 -2015
Central Coast Community Legal Centre – Management Committee 2016-2018

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