Where are fair and ethical makers?

The first challenge you face when planning to source from fair and ethical makers is to find them. Why are they difficult to locate? Where should I look for them?  After many years of importing from Africa, I still face these challenges regularly.  The increased world-wide connectivity helps but much groundwork is still needed. Do […]

Make customers find you – list in a worldwide directory

When you are stuck on reaching customers and have a limited marketing budget – join the free Fair Trade Find worldwide directory Why do we need a world wide fair and ethical trade directory? So conscious consumers can make an informed decision So they can buy fair and ethical where they are, anywhere in the […]

How to build resilience when you feel stressed

I build resilience and that is why I achieve something in unfamiliar situations like when I stood a little puzzled in the Sweet Cake shop in Dili biggest shopping plaza. I see a sausage poking out of a twisted bun but I expected everything to be sweet. Fresh in the country with only a few […]

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